Welcome to the Melbourne Poets Union


We’ve been transitioning over to the new website, which is now live and online.  melbournepoetsunion.wordpress.com (where you are right now) will continue as a blog and an archive for the time being, but all the fancy stuff will be on the new site. And we’re adding more each week.

There have been a few technical issues with the change over relating to memberships and renewals but fear not, we’re working through and will have it all worked out in a day or two. If you’re waiting to hear back from us, remember MPU is staffed by volunteers and we do the very best job we can for you, dear Melbourne poets.

Steve Smart, MPU President – 5/07/2016

(isn’t it nice when things on the internet are dated so you know that they weren’t written months or even years ago)

((keeps us honest about how often we actually update these sites))


We are a not-for-profit organization for poets staffed by a volunteer committee. Our membership is approximately 250, most based in and around Melbourne but we have a number of members in regional Victoria, and others scattered throughout the states and territories.

Our bi-monthly publication POAM is free to all MPU members, and contains details of forthcoming events, competitions, writing tips and numerous other miscellany of interest to poets. POAM’s editor is Loran Steinberg who can be contacted via: melbournepoetsunion@gmail.com. Our love and thanks to recently retired Poam editor Fee Sievers for her major contribution to MPU.

Some background on the MPU’s origins was compiled recently by several of our enthusiastic members. We are also publishing the occasional review or book launch speech.